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Heirlooms are important. They are links to our past that we hand down to the next generation of family members. They are to be treasured and admired for years.

Your toothbrush is not an heirloom.

You should hang on to a toothbrush for no longer than three months before you get a new one. But it is also a good idea to inspect the bristles of your toothbrush every time you use it. If they are worn, flattened or starting to droop, it is time for a replacement. You may even want to consider purchasing a new toothbrush after an illness.

When buying a new toothbrush for your child, you can find one that is in her favorite color, or features her favorite cartoon character or superhero. Whether the toothbrush is for a child or an adult, remember to pick one with a head that is small enough that you can easily reach every part of your mouth. You will want a toothbrush with soft bristles since they will not damage your teeth. Cleaning your toothbrush is easy to do. Just rinse the bristles under running water until they are clear of toothpaste and food debris. Then, store it upright in a place where the air can dry it.

Of course, it doesn’t matter how new your toothbrush is, or if the bristles are in great shape. If you are not brushing at least twice a day and when possible, 30 minutes after your meals, your toothbrush won’t do you much good. And of course, you need to see our dentist, Dr. Mark B. Martin for your regular cleanings and exams. If you have questions about your oral health, or if it is just time for your visit, call Mark B. Martin, DDS, MAGD in Escondido, California, at 760-745-5416 to schedule your appointment.