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If you have heart disease, you need to remember that your oral health is linked to it. There are certain things you need to do when you come to Mark B. Martin, DDS, MAGD so you can have the best dental appointment and smile possible.

When you’re in the dental chair, it’s important to give Dr. Mark B. Martin a list of all of the medications you are taking for your disease as well as the dosages. You also need to mention all other drugs, supplements, and vitamins you are taking. This can help your dentist give you the best treatment possible as well as understand the right medication to use for dental treatment.

It’s also important to give your dentist the name and phone number of your cardiologist just in case he needs to talk with them about your care and health.

Lastly, if you are nervous about receiving treatment or about anesthesia because of your heart condition, please talk with Dr. Mark B. Martin and your heart doctor. They can help you by giving you information and tips on how to control dental pain and how to ease your anxiety.

If you have any questions about how to have a successful dental appointment when you have heart disease in Escondido, California, please call Mark B. Martin, DDS, MAGD at 760-745-5416 and talk to our dental team. We will be more than happy to help you, so please don’t be shy to reach out to us!