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Root canal therapy is extremely important if you are looking to save broken or damaged teeth that may have suffered an infection to the pulp. Your pulp is the life force of the tooth and contains the connective tissues, nerve endings, and blood vessels essential for the proper maintenance of the tooth. However, through endodontic treatments such as root canal therapies, it may be possible to remove the root canal and save the tooth.

In order to best protect your smile, always take the necessary steps to ensure cavities do not arise. If a cavity becomes deep enough, bacteria will be able to enter the root of a tooth and infect the pulp. If this occurs and is left untreated, a tooth extraction will be required. Fortunately, root canal therapies can remove damaged pulps to allow the tooth to function as intended for the rest of its days.

If you have had repeated dental procedures to a tooth, it will have worn down the tooth enamel and made it vulnerable to pulp infection. In situations like this, a root canal may be suggested. In addition, oral accidents and injuries that result in pulp damage, or microscopic damage that is unseen by the naked eye and has infected the pulp of a tooth, will require a root canal therapy to save the tooth.

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