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TMJs are extremely important joints within your jaw also known as the temporomandibular joints. TMJs are complex mechanisms featuring ligaments, muscles, connective tissues, ball and socket joints, and bone all working in tandem to make your mouth move effectively. Not only are your TMJs important for chewing and speaking, but they also help facilitate swallowing and assist in the movement your mouth needs. Due to their complex nature, damage can easily arise, known as a TMJ disorder.

If a TMJ disorder is present, there are numerous treatments that can be used. To help alleviate pain that may occur, a heat pack may help. In addition, if you experience any inflammation of your jaw and facial area, use an ice pack. Due to the likelihood that the TMJ disorder was caused by stress or teeth grinding, use meditative techniques such as yoga and calming music to help relax and alleviate jaw pressure.

Also, be sure to eat softer foods and wear any form of dental devices that may be useful, including night guards are bite plates. Furthermore, visit your dentist for an oral exam for additional treatments that may be needed.

Numerous causes of a TMJ disorder may have occurred, including bruxism, arthritis, or a change in the location if your jaw, all of which will need their own treatments. In addition, your dentist may prescribe for you exercises to help strengthen your jaw.

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